We recognize that we are a world full of information seekers and consumers. Our goal is to work with you in creating integrated marketing and messaging solutions that fit, your brand, strategy and message.
As you will find in our case studies and client lists, we typically work with government agencies and organizations that have a message to help change the world for the better — education, inventions, public service, improvements — we work for clients that want to make a positive impact.
What sets us apart is our international, award-winning expertise and experience in providing strategy, quality content, creativity and reliability. Just check out our testimonials and case studies.
We come to you or a mutually agreed upon facility.
Typically training sessions are booked two weeks in advance; however, if you are in need of immediate crisis communication assistance, we can be provide training and support within 24-48 hours.
Yes, we offer both small and large group sessions. Typically small group sessions allow up to 10 individuals to attend. While you won’t get as much 1 on 1 time with our trainers, it is an extremely valuable experience. Large group sessions depend on your needs.
When it comes to training, we are happy to arrange “refresher” courses for those who have trained with us before. These are provided at a reduced rate and usually take less time. We also can arrange a retainer fee for ongoing follow-up anytime — just ask us.

Marketing, communications and video production services will be evaluated as to what your needs are in terms of follow-up.

Contact us today. Your inquiry is important to us; we typically respond within 24 business hours. You may also phone us M-F, 9am-5pm ET at 703-303-8724.